Look Good Naked With Coolsculpting!

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When you look in a mirror, do you ever wish you could make your body look better by taking away a bit off your hips, the bulge at the top of your pants, or your belly that no diet or exercise seems to change.

I know you have pinched and manipulated the bulges and said if only I could get rid of this fat, I would feel so much better!

You can!!!

Coolsculpting has been the most effective Fat Reducing Treatment I have done. I always had a stomach poof that drove me crazy. And after two Treatments my poof vanished.

I thought I saw results at 4 weeks but then I was WOW’D at 2 months.

What is Coolsculpting?

Cryolipolysis or Freezing your fat!

Cryo = Cold

Lipo = Fat

Lysis = Break Up

Really?…… yes, REALLY!

You know when you were a kid and you sucked on popsicles and there were some of us that sucked on a lot of popsicles. Well, two smart Doctors from Mass General and Harvard noticed that the fatty deposits near the selective cold areas (the cheeks) were reduced. Then they went into the lab under carefully controlled conditions to test for the right temperature to eliminate fat cells without damaging the surface of the skin.

What happens to the fat after the treatment?

Lipids from these fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed through the body, much like fat from food.

How does the Coolsculpting Treatment Feel?

An applicator is placed on the selected pocket of fat. These Coolsculpting applicators have been created to target the areas where the fat is going to be frozen. The cooling device is turned on and the fat is pulled into the applicator or a flat applicator is placed in an area that has unpinchable fat. When the cold is turned on, you feel a slight sensation for the first 5 min, then you can rest, watch a movie, or catch up on emails while Coolsculpting is freezing your fat!

How much downtime after the Coolsculpting treatment?


I was back to working, working out and walking my pup.

“Coolsculpting was life changing for me. Not just because I look better, but a long term problem was gone from my life. For years I felt bloated in the abdominal area and I had a stomach poof. I thought I was gluten intolerant so I ate gluten free and worked out, but it was not until Coolsculpting that I was Fat Free, Bloat Free and a More Defined Me!”Laurel Corrinne